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HOT: iOS 7 gesichtet?!

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HOT: iOS 7 gesichtet?!

In rund einem Monat wird Apple am 10 Juni auf der WWDC ihr neues Betriebssystem iOS 7 der Öffentlichkeit präsentieren. Nun will jemand einige neue Features der Software bereits gesichtet haben!
Einige interessante Fakten, welche er von sich gibt:

Here’s some things I saw in iOS 7 (6 mo ago): That’s what I saw 6 months ago from official designers phone on the project, sorry for any spoilers, and I *cannot* guarantee anything cuz obviously it was a beta build…

• There’s no more double-click home to view running apps, inside running apps is a special slide over panel BEFORE the search panel… so double tap slides over to a different panel with full screen access to running apps, volume… they also put in some common settings like bluetooth, but that has been moved out now… (no more TAP and hold to kill apps, just swipe!)

• wifi, bluetooth toggles are access by tapping and holding on the “4G Carrier Logo”, except the carrier logo isn’t shown any more…

• The OS uses a lot more of card navigation… it’s mostly HUGE under the hood changes, to the way you navigate and interact… TOP navbar 100% gone, become transparent in some apps, but mainly totally removed in apps I saw…

• lots of fullscreen focus on content…

• lots of gloss was removed, but the UI was in flux, with different components not matching at the time so I can’t tell you what the exact style will be…

Siri was overhauled

• different kinds of keyboards

• revampted in per app settings

• completely changed messenger…

• Allowing of sharing files between users on the phone (like a FaceTime button but i send you a pdf over the phone)

• lock screen that allows you to unlock by dragging to points on a photo [cross-licensed from MS] (or I’m told fingerprint), and if that’s the case they may remove photo unlock, so people will buy iPhone 5s

• Notifications are revamped

• The ability to pull behind from an app current conversations

• real access to file system, and sending data to any iPhone with a few feat of you (works on current iPhone, so it wasn’t a hardware thing)

• Hugely revamped text editing… circle loop was changed to a cleaner block inline, instant without delay on paste/copy controls which looked less like a popup and more like an above your text block

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